I have never really liked cats. I am more of a dog person and have some great memories of my dog when I was a kid. I understand dogs. They make sense to me. But cats… not so much.

We got our cat, Jazz, several months ago. We were originally going to get a bird but we changed our mind after reading about how difficult it is to take care of them. So we decided to get a cat.

The kids and Valerie loved her right away. She was a little kitten then and I acknowledged that she was super cute but I knew that eventually she would become a cat!

Jazz isn’t like a cat though. Jazz is cool.

And not just because she quickly eliminated our mouse problem.

Jazz runs to the door to greet us when we get home. She follows us around the house and always wants to be with us. She curls up on our lap while watching TV.

I always thought that cats were independent and didn’t want to be around people so much. Maybe I was wrong or maybe Jazz really is a strange cat.

Either way… Jazz is cool.

The other day Mateo was putting his dirty clothes in the washing machine and he started laughing like crazy. I went to see what was so funny and Jazz was hanging out in the washing machine.

I guess cats aren’t so bad after all.

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

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