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Cloud Based Phone System:

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What is a Cloud Based Phone System?

A Cloud Based Phone System takes the physical hardware that would normally sit in a closet in your business and moves it to the cloud (internet).

There are a few key benefits of moving your phone system to the cloud.

  • The cost of maintaining a physical phone system on site goes away.

  • The applications that are available are not limited by hardware alone.

  • Your phone system becomes a productivity system.

Cost of physical phone system

It is expensive to purchase a PBX phone system and then there are ongoing costs for maintaining the system. Each time you add phones and users to the system you need to call in your tech from the interconnect company to configure the system for the new user(s). And then you’ll get an invoice at $150 per hour for the work.

Applications are not limited to hardware

By implementing a phone system in the cloud you can take advantage of features that you never imagined before. There are apps for making calls from gmail and outlook. The Business Connect Service from Telus has an open API which means developers are able to make cool integrations and apps. The possibilities are endless. 

Features of the Business Connect Cloud Based Phone System:


  • Call Flip

    Take your phone call with you when you leave the office. Have you ever been stuck on the phone when you want to leave the office? Never again… just transfer the call to your mobile phone and walk out the door.

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  • Call Record

    Record calls to monitor customer service.

  • Auto Attendant

    Make your small business seem large with a professional auto attendant to help with call flow.

  • Call Routing

    Send the calls to whoever you want in your business. Can be changed on the fly.

  • Mobile Integration

    The phone system is fully mobile integrated to the extent that the system can be run without any office phones at all if preferred. Business Connect can be used from iOS or Android phones and tablets, PC or MAC computers and compatible IP Phones.

  • Portable

    Your phone and phone number will work anywhere that you have an internet connection. Go on a business trip and just plug the phone in and your in business. Or use the mobile app on your iPhone or Android phone.

  • Expandable

    Adding phones to the system is easy and does not require calling in a Tech from an Interconnect company to set it up. Just plug it in and your good to go.

  • Call Management

    You are in complete control over which phones ring and when. You can have calls go to a group of phones or all phones or just one phone first and follow a sequence.

  • Internet Fax

    Each number is also a fax number. If a fax is sent to the number it will automatically be received by the system and converted to an email with the document attached.

  • Digital Record of Calls

    Track each number’s incoming and outgoing call logs in real time. Great for monitoring sales calls and traffic from promotional offers, etc.

  • Redundancy

    With the Telus Smart Hub you will not lose your connectivity if the internet goes down. You will switch to the smart hub’s mobile wireless access.


Do you like any of these features?

I know that for me, the Call Flip feature would have saved me hours of time stuck at my office desk while on hold.  But this feature wasn’t available before.  The good news is it is available now.

All of these features are easy to manage and can be implemented seamlessly into your business.

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