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How to win an argument with your spouse?

Have you ever been in argument with your girlfriend, wife, significant other or life partner? Well… if you haven’t then one or both of you must be in a coma. Arguments are bound to happen and I have discovered the best way to deal with difficult arguments.

When you find yourself in the middle of an argument with your spouse, all you have to do is create a rift in time and space. Basically what you are doing is tearing a hole in the universe and duplicating yourself by pulling out a past or future version of yourself.

It works best if the you don’t go too far in the future or too far back in the past because our perspectives change over time and you don’t want to create a three way argument now do you?

No… you are ripping a hole in the universe in order to win the argument right?

Now if two versus one still isn’t doing the job you can still win! Two identical objects from different points in time can’t occupy the same physical space… or so I’ve been told by all the science fiction movies. As a last resort, you and the other you can put your spouse between yourselves and move close to each other. As you get closer together, the universe will begin to implode and your spouse will be in the epicenter!

To avoid being sucked into a black hole your spouse will definitely tap out and you win! Yippee!

Your probably thinking that this trick is impossible to pull off.  But I’m going to say that nothing is impossible and although it may be improbable it is conceivable.

I’d say the odds of actually doing this are about the same as your odds at winning the argument in the first place.

So stop arguing. 😉

Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern helps businesses do things better, faster and with fewer errors using existing technology. How does he do this?