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We had a fun day out with Mateo while Mommy was working.

On Saturday mornings all the kids have swimming lessons. Mateo is by himself with the teacher but Maeva and Miya are in the water with Mommy and Daddy. We are all in the water at the same time and it usually works out well.

After swimming lessons Mateo, the girls and I dropped off Mommy as she has started working part time for her old boss to help out with the accounting.

I asked Mateo what he wanted to do and he said, “Lets go to the park!”

We went to the bakery to pick up some bread and a coffee (for Papa). Mateo got a free cookie from the nice lady at bakery. Very cool.

I almost forgot the stroller on the sidewalk… Correction I did forget the stroller on the sidewalk.

After getting the three kids buckled into their car seats I forgot that I hadn’t put the stroller in the Van!!! I realized that I had forgot it when I got to the park… and drove back hoping that the stroller was still there.

On the way back Mateo said, “Papa, someone took the stroller right?”

I said, “I hope not… or I’ll be in BIG Trouble”

Mateo: “NO Papa… you won’t be in BIG trouble. They man that takes the stroller is in trouble.”

Me: “No… I think I will be the one in trouble Mateo”

– Mommy later confirmed that it would be me in BIG TROUBLE.

When we arrived back at the bakery the stroller was still sitting there on the sidewalk. By this time it had been there all by itself for almost 20 minutes. I lucked out.

Obviously with Twin babies and a Toddler I’m not getting enough sleep. That is my excuse anyway…

So back to the park we went and Mateo had fun playing in the playground and running across the field by himself.

Me… I really enjoyed my coffee ;).

Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

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