Lately it seems I am always waiting (with great anticipation) for my next Smart Phone. Earlier this year it was the iPhone, then the Android OS with the Motorola Milestone and the HTC Hero. Now another phone is on the way and I am finding myself more excited about this one than all the others. I feel like I am in an alternate reality because this time it is a Windows Mobile phone!

I am literally shocked that I’m pumped up about this phone. I have not been a fan of Windows Mobile since the early days of Windows Mobile. And back then they were acceptable because there wasn’t much of an alternative. Of course the Palm OS was a good Smart Phone in this era but I never did jump on the Palm bandwagon. And now that we’ve been exposed to the iPhone and Google’s Android OS, Windows Mobile 6.5 just doesn’t cut it. The last Windows 6.5 phone I used was frustrating to say the least and I truly believed it would be my last. I knew Windows was developing Windows Phone 7 but they are always upgrading the OS and I have always been disappointed with them. I must say, I was skeptical about their ability to create a great, innovative device.

So when I was assigned to the Windows Society of 7 and was told I’d get a Windows Phone to use as part of the deal I was only marginally interested. But after seeing the phones and what they can do I’m very surprised to say I’m totally stoked about this phone! The simplicity of the operating system and the fact that there is absolutely nothing that resembles the old Windows Mobile has almost erased all the bad experiences and frustration with Windows Mobile phones from my memory.

This phone is awesome and when I get my hands on it I’ll be back with a review.

Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern helps businesses do things better, faster and with fewer errors using existing technology. How does he do this?