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I work for a TELUS Dealer and I can help get this feature and all the other cool features of a Cloud Based Phone System

How can I move my call from my desktop phone to my mobile phone? So I can leave the office without hanging up!

Have you ever been on perma-hold with a company to get something important taken care of? Your stuck on hold but you really need to leave the office to get to that important meeting. What do you do? You have invested a lot of time on hold and they might answer any second… right?

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Have you ever been stuck on a conference call that is running longer than expected? You have to be on this conference call because it is important for your work. But you need to get on the road to beat rush hour. You want to leave the office but you can’t because you called in using your desk phone and not your mobile phone. Too bad.

How to transfer my desk phone call to my Android Phone?

 You want to leave the office but you are stuck on your call!!!

This scenerio is all too common. How many hours in a year do you estimate are being wasted in your company just because your employees get stuck on an important call while sitting at their desk phones?

I would be willing to bet that adding this simple feature to your office phone system would improve productivity of your organization.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just transfer your call to your iPhone and walk out of the office?

How to transfer a landline phone call to Android phone?

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Have you ever been stuck on an important call (on your smart phone) using up all your included minutes while sitting at your desk in your office?

How to transfer my Android phone call to my desktop phone?

If you could just move the call from your Android phone to your office desk phone would that be convenient? And depending on your wireless plan, having this feature may reduce your expenses.

There are many benefits of switching to a Cloud Based Phone System and this is one of them.

This feature is available now and it is one of many cool new features you can add to your office phone system.

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On TELUS this feature is called Call Flip and it is available for businesses using the Business Connect service.

What is Call Flip? Call Flip allows you to move a call in progress from one device to another.

You could move a call that originated on your Android Phone to your Office Desk Phone. Or you could transfer the call to your iPad or even to your computer.

Contact Me if you would like more information about this feature. I can help you determine if a Cloud Based Phone System is the right choice for your business.

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