Andrew McGivern helps businesses do things better, faster and with fewer errors using existing technology. By analyzing company processes we can determine pain points where a process can be improved. Manual processes can be automated and data can be collected to improve performance. Wireless Communications Technology combined with the right softwar
e applications can enhance employee performance and ultimately lead to increased productivity.

There are some simple and easy to implement applications that can save time and reduce errors for companies with out of office workers. Wireless invoicing and credit card processing, Mobile Forms and Electronic Signatures

The Internet of Things is a buzz word in the telecommunications industry and in the tech media. By connecting physical objects to the internet it opens up opportunities for tracking, measuring and improving processes.

As a HooHootsuite Solution Partnertsuite Certified Professional and a Hootsuite Partner, Andrew can help you implement your Social Media Dashboard allowing you easily schedule social media updates and measure your results.

Hootsuite is a web based Social Media Management tool allowing organizations to manage multiple social platforms in a single dashboard.

With Hootsuite you can post updates across networks, listen for brand sentiment and access analytical data all from one dashboard.



Andrew has an optimistic view of the future, believing that technological change has the potential to solve all human problems. Technology is a double edged sword. It can be used to save us or to destroy us. We get to choose.

Personal interests include hiking, reading, camping, swimming, computers and technology, social media / marketing, podcasting, blogging, website design, networking, green energy, travel, community events and entrepreneurship.Andrew earned a diploma in Business Administration and Commerce at Douglas college and completed a Bachelors Degree in Economics at Simon Fraser University.

With a keen interest in technology, Andrew has pursued a long term career in the wireless communications industry at TAC Mobility,Western Canada’s largest TELUS Mobility dealership.

In 2006, Andrew co-founded Omira Health Centers Inc., a natural therapies clinic in North Vancouver. Omira Health Centers was an alternative health centre focussing on prevention and collaborative care for people pursuing wellness and dealing with chronic illness. Omira Health Centers promoted naturopathic medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, orthomolecular medicine,traditional chinese medicine, massage therapy and natural alternatives to allopathic treatments.Omira Health Centers ceased operations in 2008 but Andrew continues to be active in the natural health field.

Andrew is currently utilizing social media to promote online content and create online communities.